Whorres for Torres

YEEEEESSSSSSS! Leaders in walk-off wins!

Cain was pinch-hitting?

This game is hella weird!

he was married!?

Yeah, like, divorced a few years ago? I think he’s still housemates w/ Wilson, so he probably plays wingman ;P

Cause c’mon, every girl wants The Beard!

My family adopted a new kitten

We named her Posey-Lin after obvs Buster Posey & Tim Lincecum. She is black and orange (and white), so of course she needed a Giants name!


I have been lucky enough to attend 3 Giants games while home in Nor-Cal

And they have been all losing games :( Sorry everyone, I guess I’m a bad luck charm.

Looks like Giants won’t be down in LA until September, so I won’t curse any more games.

my mom thinks Pat Burrell is gay…just because he’s single and how may years old now?



oh mother. is timmmy gay because he’s almost 27 and single unlike the rest of them rookies all married or engaged?

theres no way pat’s gay.  HE CANT BE. hes so cute!

But, he was married? And with all the stories of his uh sexual escapades…. I’m saying NOT gay.

Oh yeah, in case my very few followers were wondering

I’m still alive! I’ve just been very busy. Don’t go to medical school!

Zito has an interesting way of wearing his hat.

(Oh hai there Timmy)

Brian Wilson sprouting Chia beard, of disappointment



Creepy old-man Wilson figurine. Seriously afraid I am going to wake up and find it on the end of my bed staring at me.

And reblog this, so future Giants game attendees can know the disappointment of giveaways. Not even CLOSE to the original picture.

The Giants should just start playing in human sized hamster balls.